If you are in trouble with the police, then you need to get some legal advice even if you intend to plead guilty.

Don’t assume that, because it’s your first time before the courts, the Magistrate or Judge is necessarily going be lenient.

With the law and order campaigns of successive State Governments, some of the penalties for even comparatively minor offences can be alarmingly high. Lengthy licence disqualifications can be disastrous for your ability to earn a living. Moreover, a conviction can have a significant effect on your future work and even your ability to travel overseas.

If you deny the charges, or some aspects of them, then you need someone who can conduct your defence strongly and efficiently.

Our range of Criminal Law services includes:

  • Advice regarding police charges
  • Representation in court
  • Assisting you with Police interviews
  • Acting in Safework SA Prosecutions
  • Appeals
  • Briefing specialist barristers (where appropriate)

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